3 Ways a Lead Generation Site Can Increase Conversion

In order for a lead generation site to begin to convert more website traffic into paying customers, website owners must 1) choose the best keywords, 2) write valuable copy and 3) don’t ignore color and images for their sites.

Choose the best keywords

Competition is fierce on the internet and each year it becomes more difficult for small businesses to rank for competitive keywords. One effective strategy is to select niche keywords that may not be as competitive as more general keywords but are words that are very closely targeted to your business.

One way to find keyword phrases that people are searching for that are less competitive is to seek longtail keywords. These are longer versions of keywords that offshoots of your more competitive keywords. For example, let’s say you’re a DJ for private parties, weddings and corporate functions. Trying to rank for the keyword DJ might be really difficult, especially in a large metropolitan area. However, longtail keywords such as Newport Beach Wedding DJ or San Diego Sweet Sixteen Party DJ or Los Angeles Corporate Events DJ could be very effective keyword phrases for you. The volume of searches will not be nearly as great as for Los Angeles DJ – but neither will the competition giving you the opportunity to rank well for the more niche terms.

Write relevant copy

A lead generation site needs to have great copywriting or else increasing your conversion rate will not be possible. People do not remain on websites that have poor quality writing. They are looking for business owners who can give them valuable information. If business owners cannot impress potential clients that they are highly knowledgeable and experts in their fields, prospective patrons will not trust them and they will leave the website.

Present the right look and feel

How a lead generation site looks is just as important as the copywriting in increasing conversion rates. This means that the colors and images people choose for their sites need to be those that will not take away from the message that is being presented..

Color has been found to be highly influential in people’s decision-making processes. In research studies, it has been found that 85 percent of the people who decided to make a purchase did so because they were pleased with the color scheme on one website over another. This makes the consideration of color something that website designers cannot take lightly when seeking an increasing conversion rate.

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